Firearms, Jazz, and Dinosaurs



In honor of Free Comic Book Day, I present my favorite FCBD story ever: “Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur” by Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Ronda Pattison & Jeff Powell

Now get yourself to a comic shop and get some free comics!

This was wonderfully epic.


Dinosaur fact: Dinosaurs during mating season take jurassic shits on paper and peddle it off as “romance manga”.


When it comes to first- and third-person shooters, the game is never complete without some double barrel shotgun. 

This excellent video highlights a video game staple, as well it’s general real-world history. 

Swiss SIG-510 rifles in various configurations.

I started taking a piece of whole grain bread in my pocket to feed the crows on my walks but now I’m here with crumbs in my pants feeling quite silly. They probably get enough food from all the grasshoppers around here anyhow. 

It is a terrible feeling being able to do 2.3 pullups where one could previously do 8.

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I’m also a tenth generation American, son. My family came here in 1716. That’s more than half a century before The United States of America was even born. My 8th great grandfather fought alongside Washington in Valley Forge, and was given 200 acres of land as a gift for his outstanding actions in battle. If Washington knew I served in “his Army” and followed my family’s legacy, he would shake my hand and thank me for being a true patriot. For embodying the true American virtues of service, humility, and freedom of religion that he fought for.

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The Curious Spotting Tracers of the Mk. 153 SMAW

Designed originally for the British LAW 80, the Mk.217 Spotting cartridge is made to ballistically match the launchers’ rocket trajectories. Rather low-tech in the modern day and age of the laser rangefinder, it consists of a 9mm tracer round stuffed into a 7.62 NATO case with a .22 Hornet blank as the propellant. In practice, if the tracer round fired from the launcher’s spotting rifle visibly pinged off enemy armor, the rocket that followed after was equally as likely to hit.

lesbian friends


  • fun personalities
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  • wingman game perhaps too strong
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yes hello

this is rex

busy busy

thank for patience

things soon

The 8mm ammo from the shop looks kinda funny. Can anyone spot what might be wrong with it?

The 8mm ammo from the shop looks kinda funny. Can anyone spot what might be wrong with it?

i care very little for guns, but your enthusiasm and how you’re geeking out and jargoning over it is awesome/adorable


That is odd. The front sight and the grip on the stock reminds me of a Polish Mauser (WZ.29 I think, can’t remember) that I saw once. Maybe they got their hands on it and used it. Any other markings on it?

The furniture and sight set appears to belong to that of a Polish WZ. 29, though it’s mated just a tad imperfectly to the Danzig receiver within. Something in the back of my mind gave me a funny feeling about this gun, so thanks for the quick ID! I was actually searching everywhere for more info about this particular set of features. A further look revealed the Polish rifle’s characteristic wooden dowel reinforcements within the stock.

I’ve been gipped! Though for $180, not really. Once again, great job on the ID. Never would’ve caught this myself and I’d’ve been quite the fool thinking the furniture was original. Will possibly see about acquiring a bona-fide stock and sight assemblies. For now, POLAND STRONK.

photography and blogging is too hard

time for whiskey and pot pies

A little something followed me home!

In this week’s edition of Who Gave the ******* Dinosaur a Camera:

A Gewehr 98 made by the Danzig factory in 1911!

It’s a funny little gun - Pre-war and yet it’s something of a frankenstein (as most original Mausers are wont to be). The rear sight reminds me of that on a VZ.24 or a Gewehr 98A model as there’s furniture between the bolt and rear sight. It’s the later production leaf sight instead of the “roller coaster’ lang usually found on a Gewehr 98.The fore end of the barrel has a cover over it — also an oddity. A concavity exists for a bent bolt and yet the bolt is straight (not to mention it looks like the serial on the side was force-matched with the bolt in question).

Very odd indeed. Regardless, the bore looks fantastic, though immensely coated in carbon fouling and it’s a lovely piece to behold. Needs a few screws, the cleaning rod, and a butcher’s bayonet to be complete, however, and I’m looking forward to see this rifle complete [READ: Frankensteined enough that I can lie about it to houseguests and look cool]

Going to go out and test it with some surplus Persian loads and see how accurate this thing is eventually. 

617 plays


Martynas- Hungarian Dance No.5 in G Minor

Picking up a Mauser 98 in three hours aaaaaaaaah