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The Designated Marksman vs. The Sniper

With the advent of the modern sniper came the need for more modern sniper rifles, and thus the gap bridging the rifleman and the sniper was filled. Enter the designated marksman, a platoon level force-multiplier designed to provide accurate fire from hundred of meters beyond the range of the average infantry rifle. The designated marksman is distinguishable from the popularly imagined sniper in several ways. 

  • A designated marksman operates in the front lines providing fire support much like an automatic rifleman does — fulfilling a specialized role to supplement the rest of the fireteam.
  • A sniper works in a carefully selected and concealed location with a spotter, acting as reconnaissance, selective fire support, and occasionally eliminator of high value targets.
  • A designated marksman works at ranges just outside the reach of conventional enemy fire if possible from 400-900 yards.
  • A sniper works at ranges outside the range (hypothetically) of enemy detection, from 600-2000 yards.
  • A designated marksman carries a rifle of intermediate or battle rifle caliber with a low magnification optic to match, usually semi-automatic to provide rapid support.
  • A sniper carries a highly accurized rifle of battle rifle caliber or higher with a high magnification optic suitable for the range he works at. The sniper rifle in question is usually bolt action for a lighter and more reliable tack driver at the cost of unneeded fire rate. The bolt action also simplifies policing the ejected cartridge casings for a cleaner escape.
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